Zkeletonz’s new single is a lush exploration of desire set in the context of the modern era of dating applications and instant validation. A sort of morose elegy about how the reciprocation of desire is prevented by the social and digital distance that separates the singer from his romantic goal, who therefore seems unreachable and inappropriate. Unfortunately, to further complicate our Romeo’s love designs, bewitched as he is by Katarina’s personality and beauty, comes his unreliable ability to contact and communicate with her.

With ‘Katarina’, Zkeletonz set up a lyrical, musical and sentimental narration, which has its roots in the raw heartbreak, leaving the ignored narrator alone to complain about his fate as he constantly checks the notifications on his smartphone.

Zkeletonz - the band
Zkeletonz - the band

In step with the do-it-yourself mentality of the trio, like with all their other songs, ‘Katarina’, too, was entirely written, recorded and produced by Zkeletonz in their small cottage located in the South West of England, the creative retreat where all their creations are born.

This track lives in the realm of synth pop and is influenced by the canonical rock harmonization of the ’50s, modernized by a fresh and more contemporary reading with a particular and not exaggerated alternative pop vein. A creative fire that with coherence and consistency feeds the song from the beginning to the end, while working on only a few elements of the arrangement.

Yet, despite the spaciousness and rarefaction of the components of the mix, there is a noteworthy sense of fullness and saturation in the musical carpet. This is an excellent recipe, put together with few but good ingredients, a classic example of the motto of the perfect producer, “less is more”.

To provide the right collagen to fill the gaps in the mix, the inevitable and obligatory reverbs and delays come into play. In this case, too, the well thought-out choices made by Zkeletonz are judicious. Not only do they do that filler work, but they further widen the breath of the whole song, making everything more airy, big and spatial, without losing too much definition.

Overall ‘Katarina’ has a sound that brings us into an atmosphere, where voices rise a little more in the right key points, richly detailed by choices in composition, arrangement and mix that strategically and consciously bring to the listener all the transport of the theme.

One of the most contemporary productions we have discovered and had the pleasure to listen to in the realm of the most popural of pop genres for many months now. You won’t want to miss it!

Listen now to ‘Katarina’, the latest single by Zkeletonz, available on all major streaming platforms.

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