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Italian-based artist Zipten evokes a fascinating enchantment by sprinkling relaxing and dreamy atmospheres.

The latest work, the single “Midnight Walk”, excels for the grain size of the sound material imbued with visionary magic.

Followed by the most recent 6-track EP “Guitronica Cortex,” the latest single from Zipten works a charming mirror, a little reflective, a little transparent.

With musical wit, Zipten’s work hinges on that delicate balance between revelatory density and relatable spatiality. Halfway between the dreamy quest and the palpability of a relaxing alcove, with “Midnight Walk” the Italian artist excels not only in the exercise of giving sensations that are consistently pleasant and at the same time visionary.

Beyond the veil, there is a kind of latent magnetism, which without the need to evert prominent muscles shines where many do not even dare to try their hand.

Certainly, the connotative matrices are clearly evident and identifiable. Zipten himself does not hide and does not fear his sources of inspiration, so close to chill house and ambient music.

Yet Zipten’s track stands out for its silent verbiage that not only does not resort to the spoken word but empties the sound spectrum with acute aim, dressing it with open beams, sparse as dense, communicative as well as minimalist.

Grasping the vastness that can be savored from this glimpse is the next step that Zipten lets us take, through his “Midnight Walk”. 

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