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An artist truly involved in the music she is making, after listening to With My Heart, you will find with obvious surprise that Ziii is the real deal.

Elfriede Kongolo, an artistically gifted 21-year-old who goes by the stage name of Ziii, showcases her potential by sporting an amazing number in an Alternative key.

The artwork of the song exhibits a portrait of her and a heart on a pitch-black background. When we see this single cover we think of this magnetic character, which requires a genuine listen to her passionate, emotional collection of silky melodies and moving harmonies.

This is the bleeding wrapping of With my heart, a piece where lines and progressions are both delicate and driving. Combined with shrewd vision and Ziii‘s chilling vocal ability, this tune bridges a perfect balance of Dark pop elements, deeply emotional phrasing, and conductive breakdowns.

Entrenched in a furrow of pathos and hope, her style suggests sophistication, and in doing so, it causes reflections. And so the flawless unrolling of her lines and weaves, throwbacks to the heights of the 80s and 90s Pop/Rock era.

Then across polychrome arrangements, both luminous and leaden, Ziii‘s writing is excellent in building and fueling an obsessive listening, full of melodies that convey depth, jagged cadences, and curly interrogative inflections.

Haven't we all been through a phase / looking for love? / a love that’s here to stay / a love that’s here to safe humanity from falling apart / so before you, / you give up / come again

The layers on this track simply never end. The core of the arrangements and vocals are endlessly dressed with popping drum smacks, fat bass guitar, and soaring vocals. And the whole piece works with brisk stubbornness to get us on and meet us with a rollercoaster of emotion, serving as an impeccable display of raw musical talent.

With my heart is the vessel that allows Ziii to reclaim his narrative, and communicate the complex array of emotions that can accompany a breakup. And the sail, that duality we mentioned above, comes swollen by the upbeat delivery, shiny synths, ebullient percussion, and by her poetic focus: a goad gravitating around nostalgia and longing for a former lover.

The topical theme, built around a “recursive” heart, finds full density with the “justification” that comes with the lyrics “Everything i say / Everything i do / I do with my heart.

And as she is feeling the ripple effects of heartbreak, Ziii refuses to hide from her complicated emotions and is determined to dance through it all, despite the risks that a great passion involves.

A journey of the heart in all its wild beating, With my heart by Ziii is a courageous diary, of a laid bare soul, digging the redemptive power of love.

Cruditè of the heart, we could close. Synesthesia underlined by a decidedly trenchant vein, which markedly brackets the alternative drift that characterizes the piece, and which it is vectorized with an effective wedge the personalism of the new, bewitching, Ziii.

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