“It’s like that unspoken magnetism towards a person who completely fascinates you for a while and you can’t understand exactly what it is about them. It remains to wonder if they felt that same thing or maybe it’s all in your head (and sometimes it is), but there is only something extremely magical about it. “

So Zelah introduces that amiable attractive power expressed by their new immersive and suffused work, in which electronic elements blend with their dream-pop style. Closely linked to that tense sense that simmers inside the unshakeable, unexplainable desire that you may feel for someone with whom you share an inexplicable connection, the track sports a passionate musical aesthetic, structured on atmospheric frets, echoing guitars and rarefied electronic rhythms.

Zelah // Static - single artwork

An enveloping listening experience steeped in magic, guided by voices that fascinate and enchant us, dragging us into Zelah’s message: “I want you”.

An exquisite introduction to what we imagine will be the sound of their debut EP, expected for next spring, Zelah’s ‘Static’ is already available with an official video that sees the duo perform as protagonists.

Listen now to ‘Static’, the latest single from Zelah, available on:

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