Composed of 4 songs written between 2017 and 2019, the debut EP of the duo Zelah is a collection of the most important and significant songs of this talented London couple, who through their moody alt-pop take us on a journey immersed in soft sound scenarios, embellished with atmospheric voices and dramatic rhythms, and characterized by engaging melodies.

By offering us a sort of entry point into their world, with ‘I’ Zelah not only allow us to grasp the origin and essence of their creative touch, but also give us a clear projection of where they are headed.

‘I’ presents itself as a sort of journey back in time that touches some of the most crucial key moments of Zelah’s artistic path.

Drawing from their most recent inspirations, the EP opens with ‘Static’. The most recent song in the EP, ‘Static’ aims to explore a different creative line, compared to previous releases: this one is “lighter” and more “real” – as the duo say – while remaining faithful to their original aesthetic. In this sense, therefore, ‘Static’ can represent the precursor of what we can expect from Zelah in the near future.

Together with ‘Static’, we find ‘Run Away’, the fourth and final track of the EP. Dating back to 2017, ‘Run Away’ is one of the first songs penned by Zelah. A clear expression of the vision and the creative direction underpinning their project, these two songs represent the two cornerstones of the common thread that develops throughout the whole EP.

At the center we find the equally precious ‘Closer’ and ‘Let Go’, which seal that sense of transition, development, and personal and artistic growth that today leads Zelah to give us an EP imbued with permeance. An exquisite mirror on which are reflected the perceptions, turning points, and feelings of growth and development that have accompanied them and their music until now.

Listen now to ‘I’, the debut EP from Zelah, and find out more about their music, checking the links below: