From the talented true entertainer Zandra Vibes comes the alternative R&B number ‘Don’t Wanna Leave’.

Zandra Vibes is a talented artist and songwriter, as well as true entertainer, with a focus on creating inspired numbers with an alternative R&B and pop style.

Developing a deeply personal sound, inspired by artists such as Jhene Aiko, Erykah Badu, and many others, Zandra brings to the table a fresh and innovative mix, in which she manages with great ability to channel a great variety of styles, influences and genres.

Exciting lyrics and compelling melodies are just some of the peculiar ingredients with which Zandra amazes and magnetizes the listener’s attention, offering with each play all of her creative touch, undoubtedly fresh and modern.

Even with her latest work Zandra does not disappoint. Her single ‘Don’t Wanna Leave’ is yet another unique, original and distinctive number. The balanced mix, the compelling vocal performance and the quality of the production push the track like few others.

Perfectly intelligible vocals, a full-bodied, thick and present bass line, and a crisp rhythmic pattern on the high, are key elements for a production of impeccably quality.

With ‘Don’t Wanna Leave’ Zandra is on the mark once again, making her undeniable artistic skills shine and showing off a unique talent and affable communication, not only musical, but also visual.

It’s really worth taking a look not only at the ‘Don’t Wanna Leave’ lyric video, but also at her previous releases, all available on the official Zandra Vibes channel.

An R&B artist who knows how to innovate, with taste, style and character, but without overdoing anything. Zandra Vibes is one to keep on your radar, to not to miss anything of her upcoming releases.

Watch now the official lyric video of ‘Don’t Wanna Leave’, available on Zandra Vibes’ Youtube channel, and don’t miss to check the following link, to find out more about her music:

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Zandra Vibes // Don't Wanna Leave - single cover
Zandra Vibes // Don't Wanna Leave - single cover