25-year-old rap artist Yung Flan started recording music for pleasure in 2008, a passion that turned into something more serious over the following years, leading him to publish more than 50 tracks released to date. Yung Flan has pursued this true path of artistic growth over all these years with genuine humility and clarity of purpose. It will surely make you smile to know that, speaking of his recording career, Flan told us “Not much has happened, but I have made the best of it”.

His latest release is “Aint Nothing“, a single from his awaited mixtape “Life of Flan“, in which the artist shows off this artistic maturity. With “Aint Nothing” Flan gives us a captivating number in which, through his hip-hop style, he thrills and bewitches us thanks to a sound that seems to be the summation of all his artistic vision, characterized by a rap dealing with the truth and events of his real life, pervaded by an optimism for the future.

The quality production bearing the signature of Othello further elevates “Aint Nothing“, making this song the perfect package to wrap up and deliver the whole world of Yung Flan. Something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Listen now to “Aint Nothing” the latest single from Yung Flan, which is available on Soundcloud [ here ], and follow him on Instagram [ here ].

Yung Flan // “Aint Nothing” - album cover
Yung Flan // “Aint Nothing” - album cover
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