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“I’m Still Loyal,” the new single from up-and-coming singer-songwriter and composer Yona Marie is a dedication to those who have provided their valued ones with unyielding love and loyalty over time.

An anthemic hymn, with which anyone who has given or received genuine love will be able to relate and remind themselves how blessing it can be to have a loyal person in their corner.

The latest work by Rachel Marie, an R&B Soul artist from Maryland who goes up along her street under the stage name of Yona Marie, brings us an issue in which simplistic writing and production exalt resonances and vibrations that refer us to the hip-hop of early 2010.

Here, feeding the feeling of love and loyalty, the inking of the singer-songwriter and composer Yona brings her connotative matrix, close to the world of RnB and Soul, to expand thanks to instrumentation flavored by contemporary influences.

We are sure, given the premise, “I’m Still Loyal” seems to be just a first appetizer of what we can expect from this artist for the future. Definitely, one to keep on your radar.

Listen now to I'm Still Loyal, the latest Single by Yona Marie, available in streaming on Soundcloud.

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