Yellinek band showcases their alluring 80s / 90s rock streak by releasing the 2-track vibing “No One Like You.”

Established in 2020 by guitarist, composer, lyricist, and producer Richard Jellinek, Yellinek is an emerging band pursuing its music through touching lyrics and sing-along melodies that are developed around the characteristic sound of Jellinek’s guitar and corroborated with coherence from the charismatic voice of Lukky.

After the first two singles released in 2020 – “Alternative Love” and “Spring That Never Cames” – the band continues to evolve in its stylistic path with the new two-track work titled “No One Like You.”

The two tunes that make up the release are an organic extension of that sound rooted in a rock suspended somewhere between the ’80s and ’90s, which is the founding element of this emerging band.

Enjoyable anticipation of their first real long-play album, whose release was announced for May 2021 and which will contain 12 songs, the latest by Yellinek was released on January 29, 2021.

So Yellinek shares more about their latest piece of work: “The album containing two songs that guide us through the most important areas of our lives. “No One Like You” touches our deepest emotions, bringing nostalgic memories of a loved one who raised us, love us more than life, but passed away. The song is a tribute to Richard’s grandmother, to which he owes most of his successes and perhaps his life. Song can be associated with every person close to us. The second song is an uplifting song in which we find the message, no matter what happened – get up because IT’S ALWAYS WORTH LIVING! “

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