Xero // "CAP" - EP cover
Xero // “CAP” – EP cover

Xero is a rising Detroit naive hip-hop artist, currently based in Charlotte, NC (USA). This artist has always had a deep interest in music and was inspired by many artists to create his own music.

Already known for offering forceful music, Xero is out again with a brand new 6-track EP titled “CAP“. “CAP” stands for “Consistently Apply Pressure”, a philosophy that Xero lives by.

With a side hustle as an accountant, Xero is carving his own unique style, distinguished by a calculated yet visceral rap flow, with which he is capable to delivery soulful bars and hard-hitting lines.

This is all about “CAP“, a real showcase in which Xero display all his talent, through pressure, perseverance and a lifetime learning. His emotional and personal performances are highlighted by a pleasant voice and a brilliant production with reminiscences in chill wave style, along with rough, evolving and honest feelings.

The EP is denoted by a relaxed and mellifluous approach, mainly centered on narration, which is accompanied by more typical hip-hop sounds. A perfect coherence between artistic style, arrangements and the way in which Xero deals with the song’s themes.

From the immersive “Monster” to the melodic “Chemistry”, up to the flowing “Fibonacci”, there’s a lot to discover in this EP.

Subtleties and details, which are projections of the way in which Xero travels to the discovery of romanticism, fear and hope.

We are already on the way. What are you waiting for?

Xero released the official music video of “Monster”, available on his Youtube channel, right [ here ].

To discover the sound of Xero, listen now to “CAP”, his brand new EP which is available on Spotify [ here ] and all the other major digital platform.