The latest from electronic producer Xaatu is the enticing trap wave killer tune ‘Save Me’.

The 16-year-old producer from Whittonstall, currently based between there and Newcastle, brings to the table the vibrant richness and minimalist aesthetics of his experimental soundscapes, combining interweaving dynamics and compelling electronic textures.

This is ‘Save Me’, the last work of the young and talented Xaatu, who says that he found inspiration to compose this track while he was stuck for around 10 hours at the Berlin airport. “When Corona virus was starting to get bad and flights were getting canceled, I put my headphones on and I just tried to kill some time” – Xaatu says – “then ended up really enjoying it and carried on making it once I got home.”

Released on April 24, Xaatu’s ‘Save Me’ is available for streaming on all major digital platforms.

To find out more about Xaatu and his music, check the links below:

Xaatu // Save Me - single cover