A finalist in the USA International Song Writing Competition, Peter Unger is a pastor and part time college instructor, originally native of Vermont, who now lives in Allentown, PA (USA).

Written in a variety of genres ranging from folk and country to gospel and Celtic, his songs are projected to reach a broad spectrum of spiritual seekers. The most common themes we can find in his music are God’s healing love and Grace.

Primarily performing his songs during the worship of the churches he serve, Pastor Unger also shares his songs online as an extension of his ministry.

Recently, Rev Unger re-released the single “There’s A Spirit” featuring Grace. Written as a sing-along children’s song for worship, this is a spiritual anthem about the ways the presence of a superior spirit reflects all-around us.

This is a tender and intimate song, capable of delivering a sense of serenity to which everyone can relate, independently of religious beliefs, regardless of having a faith or not, or believing in something divine.

Simple in its construction but composed of rich and deeply vibrant sound elements, “There’s a Spirit” is a song that perfectly conveys the meaning it carries. The vocal performance of Pastor Unger merges with that of Grace, sealing this bucolic picture, underlining the lyrics meaning with coherence along with a disarming grace and tenderness.

Believe it or not, “There’s a Spirit” depicts a goodness we can spot in matters that we tend to consider minor, or that we ignore because they are apparently foregone.

Believe it or not, “There’s a Spirit” can gift you this goodness from the very first listening.

Rev Peter Unger and Grace
Rev Peter Unger and Grace

Listen now to “There’s a Spirit” by Rev Peter Unger featuring Grace, which is available on Reverbnation [ here ].