He has established a name for himself in the south since 2014, when he dropped the mixtape ‘The Substance Prefix’, a release that amassed thousands of downloads and brought him a lot of attention in his hometown.

Today like then, Love continues to show off a crafted sound focused on his creative versatility, which sounds in an increasingly distinctive and characteristic way. Capable of jumping from more introspective and thoughtful numbers with records like ‘Electrolyte Water’, to more carefree tunes like ‘My Side’, now Will Love brings us ‘Don’t Let Me Down Part. 2’, his upcoming summer single, out on July 3rd.

So the hip-hop artist living in Charleston continues to fuel his growing artistic path, strengthened  by his style and rigorous education. These two factors led him since a young age to transform pain and struggles into a passion for captivating lyrics and melodies.

Will Love // Don't Let Me Down Part. 2 - single cover
Will Love // Don't Let Me Down Part. 2 - single cover

As Love explains: “I pull a lot of pain from the past and a lot of truth from the reality I see from my peers around me, they help me put lines together.”

Staying true to his roots, Will’s new work rises clear, strong, and vibrant, a number with a bouncy mix, dropped into an engaging summer atmosphere that pumps. Here the celebratory bars drawn by Love light up on the thrust of energizing beats, which give energy to the entire song, while some subtle samples underline the light and witty feeling of the track.

“Seems like the summer is lacking a summer anthem and I created one. During these tough times I’m dropping something for people to party and dance too. Something overall to feel good about.”

So Love pulls us inside a song with a sound spectrum intensely and densely saturated, but where effective lyrics also find their space. They give the right accents in the right points, in a clear and direct way, offering multiple duplicities to the entire song. This is fluidly stretched in a flow that unfolds effortlessly, between truth and frivolity, substance and lightness, amidst a forward-looking and a carefree feelings, as a sort of transversal crossover of sweetness and strength.

A delivery that through its positive vibes is capable of bringing us a healthy and good dose of positive feelings. Something capable of ferrying us out of these difficult times, projecting us into a more peaceful summer, finally and definitively freed from the chains of the lockdown. An unmissable mood setter.

Will Love ‘Don’t Let Me Down Part. 2’ is out on July 3rd on Spotify and Apple Music. Pre-save it now via Distrokid.

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