WILDZ XL, a clothing and music brand with Wildlife Influences, released the 10-track album 'WILDZ LIFE' on March 3rd, 2020. The whole concept of "Bringing The Jungle To The Concrete", that came from the music producer and director of WILDZ XL, Hav-it, creates a movement with wild music and devolves 25% of sales to help preserve nature.

With this album that features artists from all over the world, all of whom are great wildlife lovers, WILDZ XL brings us an interesting and remarkable production. Through a rich and varied stylistic choice, the songs that make up the album form an exquisite blend of soul, afro, rap and trap music, setting up a perfect combination for the theme of the release.

It is a production of exquisite workmanship, which does not represent a mere stylistic mix of genres, but which instead finds further exaltation and richness also in the varied diversity brought by the long list of artists who took part in this project.

Thanks to their uniqueness, Hav-it (Producer/Conceptwriter/Songwriter), Still Hustie (Rapper/Songwriter), Arunl0h. (Rapper/Songwriter), Francis. (Singer/Songwriter), Jungleleez. (Singer/Songwriter), Ingrid Schwartz (Singer/Songwriter) and 15 beats (Producer) are able to create a collection of gems, perfectly embedded in the theme of the album.

Particularly noteworthy is the work of mixing and mastering, that consistently makes sure all the tracks of the album feel like part of the same organic unity, while at the same time preserveing those characteristics that make each artist and song stand out as unique.

In this regard, we have found formidable the way in which this respecting and at the same time enhancing the diversity of musical genre and style of each artist is also reflected in one of the fundamental messages transmitted by the entire album.

All this, in a contemporary urban key, translated into a sound perfectly synchronized with the clock of today’s society.

WILDZ XL’s ‘WILDZ LIFE’ is available for download and can be purchased exclusively on the WILDZ XL website.

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