Recently West of Corey put out their debut album “Slammed” from which we had the pleasure to listen to one of their singles, “Misty Mound.”

West of Corey is a Minnesota three-piece band, formed by composer guitarist Corey Birkholz, lyricist, producer and bass player James West Foster, and lead vocalist Janine Taft. They bring together their veteran musical experience to craft this “Misty Mound“, a song that resonates outside the ’70s rock sound. A rocking number directed to classic rock fans’ hearts.

More than this, “Misty Mound” is a refreshing blast of dynamic sonic waves, that channels all the creative spirit of this band, moving like a rocket from past to more contemporary sonorities.

West of Corey // "Slammed" - artwork
West of Corey // “Slammed” – artwork

The song rises up with an irresistible hard rock guitar riff, along with a intelligent and dynamic arrangement, forceful vocals and a solid rhythm section which drives and stomp. This is a loud, fast-peace and glorious number.

The production, lead by Bruce Whitehead, is excellent, with each instrument sitting well in the mix. Every sound is clear and defined, with burst of melodic bass underlining transitions.

Undoubtedly, the highlight on this track are Janine Taft vocals, by which she carries this song with a powerful performance. Along with some push-and-pull syncopation, she creates an interesting interplay with the other musicians.

If you’re at all into classic or hard rock, it will not disappoint you.

Check now “Misty Mound” from “Slammed”, the latest release from West of Corey, which is available for purchase on their official website [ here ].

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