We continue our journey through the music of West of Corey thanks to their latest album, “Slammed“. After the single “Misty Mound” – we talked about it earlier here – a new gem stands out, a new gift from West of Corey.

It’s the single “Course of Things to Come“, a song that once again brings us all the freshness and depth of West of Corey‘s creative flair.

This is not just a number that carries vibrations somewhat resonating with typical 70s rock. “Course of Things to Come” goes far beyond this. It is a song masterfully built on a beautiful arrangement, in which, layer after layer, a broader perspective of breath is set up, one that becomes more and more engaging and profound with each passing moment.

In its composition, there is a real vision that plays in a clean and contemporary way and increases its dynamic in a naturally visceral way, without however needing to overdo it.

Wonderfully melodic, in “Course of Things to Come” everything is conveyed to offer the listener an exquisitely unique and timeless listening experience, which turns out to be emotionally intense in all its organic wholeness.

An intense song in substance, but delicate in touch. A pleasure for our ears. A shining example of what a great song is.

West of Corey // "Slammed" - artwork
West of Corey // “Slammed” – artwork

Check now “Course of Things to Come” from “Slammed”, the latest release from West of Corey, which is available for purchase on their official website [ here ].

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