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The two-piece band, based in the north of England, pulls a massive number out of their hat

IT’S RAW. IT’S LOUD. IT’S A TWO-FACED JANUS – WeatheredMan is a performer, writer, and producer currently working out of a number of studios across the north of England. After many years of various bands and projects.

WeatheredMan now presents his 2 piece rock band – WeatheredMan and the Noise – out on November 6 with the biting number “Natural Force.”

Compelling and affable, the piece pulls you into its exhilarating sound without resorting to frivolous or merely stylish games. Of course, the style is there, and you feel it in such a palpable way that feverish and contagious creeps under your skin. It rises up inside your veins and oozing with vibrant fever, it intoxicates your bones by osmosis, until it reaches the spinal cord.

The musical delivery is atavistic. It pretends to be heard as if what is happening here is being spurred on by the urge to absorb the moment. “Natural Force” is a truly excellent song, full of charisma and stylistic refinement, which ferries its delivery with tremendous effectiveness, to the point of making you crave to have even more.

The doping adrenaline that WeatheredMan and The Noise shoot us in the mood is synthesized by a magical universe, in which precious and inestimable elements taken from the important cornerstones of music merge.

A little pulp, a little punk, we could say. However, the Rock imprint is certainly not lacking here. And without having to struggle in wanting to reinvent the wheel at all costs, the magic comes by itself. The winning intuition is precisely in doing what is in their strings. And put this way, ours is a banal affirmation, which does not return the pulse at all, and the permeance of the musical wedge that this brilliant duo is capable of sticking in your ear as if it were a stake in the heart.

The incisiveness of their sound is so rich in crudity that it does not accept half terms. She is bold in her awareness of them winning. It is dirty enough to make it feel like something that is part of the imperfection of our daily schedule.
But it is also lustfully vibrant, enhanced by a morbid and lustful harmonic distortion, which runs on a tightrope swinging between a sensual style and a porno musicality.

The first 10 seconds will grab all of your attention. By 20 seconds, “Natural Force” will have already pulled off your underwear. From 30 seconds onwards you will find yourself and imagine yourself on the sofa doing the worst nasty things. Bets are accepted. 

Listen now to "Natural Force," the latest Single by WeatheredMan and The Noise, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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