WD-HAN // Shiver
WD-HAN // Shiver

The “3 piece rock band from outer space” WD-HAN beat the odds, and are still beating them, being an ex-teen-age band that actively spent 10 years playing and recording.

With ‘Shiver’ WD-HAN take a haunting, spooky look at those who defy all understanding, and shrugs them off as irrelevant. Those who would weaken you, mean nothing.

Bringing a touch of blues into alternative rock, the latest from WD-HAN “takes all the sting out of betrayal, bringing you relief and new life. Timely and timeless, ‘Shiver’ relieves the tensions others try to lay on you, allowing you to face whatever comes.”

WD-HAN - live stage

So WD-HAN depict their turbidly psychedelic earworm, creating an enthralling blues rock number with a contemporary aftertaste.

In spite of the Coronavirus putting a stop to live performances, WD-HAN are going to release a song each month for the rest of 2020. So be sure to put WD-HAN on your radar and to follow them all over the web. Check all their links right below: