Waterflower // Pārvērties feat. Lost Harbours - single cover

Waterflower is the stage name of the multimedia artist Sabine Moore, who since 2006 has been one of the first female soloists of electronic music in Latvia, under the pseudonym Kroffork.

Today Waterflower’s live shows are theatrical works, visually intriguing and rich in soundscapes, created by ethereal vocalizations, synthesizers using real plants to generate sound, and digital sampling of non-traditional objects.

Self-taught in sound design with a school musical education, Sabine Moore uses her 11 years of professional visual and conceptual art studies to create music, giving life to one of the most original and complex mixes of experimental music and pop art.

Creating his own visual and musical art, Moore skillfully draws on the influences of Riga’s history, Art Nouveau, and the intertwining of the two worlds of nature and science. Over the past ten years, Sabine has developed her bedroom recording project, elevating it to a live act. A real audiovisual journey into an atmospheric and ethereal world, which draws from nature and science to create ancestral music.

Sabine’s most recent release is the single ‘Pārvērties’, a song whose title in Lithuanian means change, born from the union of Waterflower’s creativity with that of the British psychedelic folk artist Lost Harbors.

Here the two creators come together to shape a transcendental experimental opera that combines mysterious and ritualistic texts with bare-board synthesizers, environmental vocalizations and guitar, combined with the use of plants through capacitive synthesizer and MIDI controller, along with an electromagnetic impulse reader, which converts the natural plants signals to MIDI.

A glimpse of the fantastic and enveloping expression of contemporary art rendered in music that Waterflower is capable to mold like few others, ‘Pārvērties’ resounds as profound and evocative, as a long journey in the folds of the roots of humanity itself, so distant and at the same time so close to our being, of today itself.

Listen now to Pārvērties, the latest release from Waterflower, featuring Lost Harbours, available on all the major digital platforms.

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