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Wanaka debuts with the brand new studio single “When I Die”, a folk-acoustic rock piece, anticipation for his album expected for the end of the year.

A huge milestone for the talented folk-rock artist, with “When I Die” Wanaka brings to the table a great example of his direct and minimalistic approach.

A true indie-folk troubadour who is eager to spice up his sound with a deep and evocative voice, through this touching song, the Israeli acoustic rocker showcase all his capabilities in offering poetic lyrics, vivid storytelling, and passionate songwriting.

Definitely, one to keep on your radar for the following, the release of “When I Die” is accompanied by an official video that you can find on the Wanaka Youtube channel.

Listen now to When I Die, the latest Single by Wanaka, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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