The band Wadda’ Hoot, based in Columbus, IN (USA), is a peculiar reality in its field and is distinguished by various uniqueness. It is a father-son project, led by Devin Beadle, aka D Bug, and his father, David Beadle. This magical duo is often joined n in the performance of their songs by other artists, such as Joshua O’Neal and Jeremy Ogle on the single “Country Enough For Me“.

If this weren’t enough to define Wadda’ Hoot as something special, then know that they are releasing a new song every two weeks, varying both the style and genre of each of their releases.

With a colorful mix, Wadda’ Hoot offer captivating melodies, engaging riffs, enthralling rhythms and meaningful lyrics. Having already reached their sixth single, Wadda’ Hoot is a multi-faceted project, able to range from the positive empowering emphasis of “By the Day” to the more introspective and moving nostalgia of “Out of Sight“.

Wadda’ Hoot are not afraid of doing things in their own unique and distinctive way, a trait that makes them undoubtedly different and interesting. With no limits or barriers imposed, they aim to bring out all their creativity through their genuine, vibrant and relatable music.

Sensibility and passion, without the need for useless frills.

Wadda' Hoot // "By the Day" - single cover

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