Get down on a deep house route with ‘Falling’, the latest single from British producer VVILLØ, featuring Matt Sky.

Embellished by an atmospheric and immersive aesthetic imbued with deep house, the latest work signed by British producer VVILLØ, the single titled ‘Falling’, is a number of EDM music with mixtures of electronic pop and dance that fade and blend, to give organicity and volume to a number with refined stylistic dualism.

Bringing a bittersweet musical aesthetic, wetted by a sentimentally sad veil, the track moves into a progressive reading key, developing on upbeat vibes, which surround and serve as the backdrop in a balanced and enveloping way to Sky’s timbre and vocal performance.

“The main topic was around past experiences I have had. About a relationship that didn’t go to plan but still can’t get over that specific person.” –explains VVILLØ on the song’s theme– “Just wanting to find out why things fell apart.”

VVILLØ is a producer who always brings emotional vibes with his music, adding a perfect blend of melancholy lyrics and upbeat instrumentals, full of personality and relatable hooks. And even with his latest ‘Falling’, he certainly does not disappoint expectations! 

Listen now to ‘Falling’, the latest single from British producer VVILLØ, featuring Matt Sky, and find out more about VVILLØ's music, checking the links below:

VVILLØ // Falling - single cover
VVILLØ // Falling - single cover