Vladrumetz is an experimental solo artist, singer, songwriter and passionate keyboard player, who started producing his own music in 2014 in his small home recording studio in southern Germany.

Raised in the 80s, influenced by artist such as Depeche Mode, Simple Minds and Talk Talk, Vladrumetz mainly creates electronic music that, thanks to his alternative drifts, ranges between darkwave, synthpop and deep house. As Vladrumetz himself tells us: “As somebody who just makes music as a hobby, I`m not following any commercial rule or intention. But I love creating sonic atmospheres that reflect the mood that I felt at the time of writing.”

In preparation for the imminent launch of his next 5-track EP ‘Leave Me’, expected for the end of February 2020, Vladrumetz has released the single that gives the title to the EP itself. In the single ‘Leave Me’, accompanied also by an official music video, Vladrumetz shows all the atypical nature of his creative vein, decidedly distant from the clichés of commercial music.

To find out more about this upcoming artist: www.vladrumetz.de 

Vladrumetz // Leave Me - cover
Vladrumetz // Leave Me - cover
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