Vlade Kay is one of the most interesting exports of the Russian pop scene.

The first stage of this expansion of his already promising career is the release of “Haze”, which is only the first of an interlude of three songs that will soon follow.

For years at the forefront of the Russian music industry, this young and talented singer and dancer now reveals his plans for the international record market.

With “Haze”, Vlade Kay offers us a track with a fresh rhythm and a catchy melody that are highlighted by dreamy lyrics.

This is a number where this talented artist shows a mature and sophisticated sound, perfectly constructing a delivery that will be the perfect soundtrack to drive around town at night.

Easily relatable but rich in its elements, “Haze” is a song that is simply beautiful, able to capture the attention from the first listening, but that will always give you something more each time you’ll play it.

Vibrant and vivid, with “Haze” Vlade Kay brings us a piece perfectly tuned with the pulsations of the contemporary world, and with a wide-ranging sound vision.

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“Haze” is available in streaming on Spotify [ here ], Apple Music [ here ] and all other major digital platforms.
Vlade Kay // Haze - single cover
Vlade Kay // Haze - single cover