Los Angeles artist Mike Haze makes his debut with an innovative and visionary musical project titled “Opaque.” This is an album scheduled for release next November 8th. From it, Mike has already released the title track in preview.

Known as a professional player, with this project Mike demonstrates that he is here to bring more than just a game controller to the table.

Opaque” is a song that takes the sonorous roots of hip hop and indie rap, digs them out of the metropolitan melting pot and shakes them up to make them vibrate, creating a controversial twist, capable of captivating you one moment, and then bewitch you leaving you astounded the next.

Mike Haze // "Opaque" - artwork
Mike Haze // “Opaque” – artwork

In just two minutes of song, this solo artist has succeeded in materializing a creative vision so open, vast and colorful that it literally leaves us amazed.

Eerie and at the same time material, “Opaque” is built on the dual contrast between ethereal sound scenarios and backing vocals, which give a feeling of almost ancestral reminiscences, alternated with penetrating rap flows, in which peculiar stratifications overlap the guiding voice.

The official video, available on Youtube [ here ], with which Mike presents “Opaque” shows a series of smoky puffs that expand, widen, twist and mix in perfect synchronization with the sound stimulations that the song elicits.

With “OpaqueMike Haze created music and visual effects that merge as extensions of an articulated and complex unicum, both in substance and in concept.

It’s definitely something we would like to listen to with particular attention, as soon as it is released on November 8th.

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While waiting to be able to listen to Mike Haze‘s new album “Opaque” in its entirety, watch the official preview video of the title track, available on YouTube [ here ].