Composed of 3 deeply expressive and delicately caressing tracks, the poetic prose that the 21-year-old artist gives us goes straight to the heart, capable of touching the most intimate strings of our being.

Vincent Krennerich // Gedanke - EP cover

Exquisitely linked together by the extraordinary beauty of the dreamy touch of Krennerich’s piano, this talented and promising artist’s EP sinks into the streams and the chiaroscuros of what is a contemplative reading of the grandeur and amplitude of natural beauty. In what is almost a Sturm und Drang moment,  Krennerich reminds us that even if our world sometimes seems to be falling apart, there’s still magnificence in it.

Through the deepest and darkest valleys full of drama and sadness, up to the highest peaks that seem to want to make us rise in flight well above the clouds, the musical poetry that Krennerich exhibits with his instrumental compositions is a formidable example of the compositional talent he is capable of.

This is an immersive, pictorially communicative work of impeccable craftsmanship, whose atmospheric nuances based on primary elements combine with each other, filling the sound spectrum in a formidable way. The expressive openings culminate in crests that seem able to project us into spaces and places where the walls of our room no longer exist. The full-bodied  quality of the pieces is perfectly balanced in the most introspective phrasing, where the instrumental emptying leaves space and air to savor the delicate stratifications of touches of strings and the codas of the piano reverbs.

Vincent Krennerich - portrait
Vincent Krennerich - portrait

Krennerich weaves an unmissable, dynamic and articulated listening experience that makes us hover between suspension moments, passionate exaltations and liberating thrills. An EP to be savoured one listening after the other to fully grasp every little drop of its dense and incomparable essence.

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Vincent Krennerich // Herbst - single cover

Vincent Krennerich // Herbst

German pianist and composer Vincent Krennerich enchants with the introspective autumn’s transitional atmospheres of the evocative two-track single ‘Herbst’.