BDS (Big Daddy Snake) by Vilma Red - artwork
BDS (Big Daddy Snake) by Vilma Red - single artwork

Recently hip-hop singer, songwriter, and producer Vilma Red released her debut single BDS (Big Daddy Snake).

Based in Dalston, London (UK), Vilma Red starts her solo artist recording career with a song worthy of all of our attention, thanks to the artistic skills she is already able to show off with this first release.

Known in her entourage also as Greek Goddess, talented artist Vilma Red gives us a song with a sensual and seductive sound, accompanied by a music video that conveys in images a sinuous and provocative feeling.

Harmonic and at times almost hypnotic, BDS is a particularly successful blend, in which we find the founding elements that make Vilma Red‘s artistic signature stand out from the mass.

Influenced also by her ethnic heritage, and guided by her passion for music and performing arts, the Greek Goddess has succeeded in shaping a distinguishable sound, bold in its intentions and effective in its result, a combination of old-school RnB and hip-hop with elements from experimental environmental electronics, future beat, and contemporary pop.

That of Vilma Red is a creativity aimed at experimentation and guided by inspiration, which in BDS is further enriched thanks to a narrative that develops reminiscences of a past life, and does so with abandon.

The song is dotted with backing vocals, synth, and rarefied and distant samples, details of mellow memories that drift through our minds. One by one, they emerge, come into focus, and then dissolve.

The voice of Vilma Red is sinuously satisfying, colored by a velvety and round touch, which is emphasized by the emotional transport that the singer puts into the performance, and by the richness of the elements placed in the arrangement.

With BDSVilma Red carefully transports us in the intimate exploration of her creativity.

She fascinates us, bewitching us with its magnetic attraction. Not to be missed.

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