By combining various elements of this popular musical genre, Vidal unites emotionally conscious lyrics, lo-fi elements, blues, and animated guitar riffs, in a distinctive and personal alternative mix.

After making his debut earlier this year with ‘Prequel’ – we talked about it in a previous article, if you missed it you can read it here – Vidal returns to the scene with a new brilliant creative momentum, releasing the single ‘ The Devil’s Eyes’.

Moving with a swinging balance between love and pain, in ‘The Devil’s Eyes’ Vidal combines hip-hop, blues and RnB elements in a contemporary key, intertwining them with emotional and honest lyrics thanks to an with unmistakable natural talent.

The atmospheric sense of enchanting aura mixes with deep bass tones and melodic lines that captivate, changing along the way in a musical transition full of that eclectic cut that distinguishes Vidal’s style. His hip-hop root here pulsates with new life, drawing lifeblood from a jolting groove that turns on and off with functionality.

Vidal // The Devil's Eyes - single cover

The release of ‘The Devil’s Eyes’ is accompanied by a music video, set to be released on May 29 on Vidal’s Youtube channel.

Bold and refreshing, Vidal’s new work amiably fits into the creative path he had already flawlessly opened with the previous ‘Prequel’. Offering the best of the genres and styles that inspire him, with ‘The Devil’s Eyes’ Vidal pushes his creative drift even further, embodying an interesting emotional journey in which he renders the sense of inner struggle between being your own worst critic and at the same time your best friend.

Speaking about the theme of ‘The Devil’s Eyes’, Vidal explains: “Often times this can cloud our judgment and this conflict can spill into other areas of our life and can have a dramatic impact on our goals or even our loved ones. Things will inadvertently get caught in the crossfire and when we take a moment to step back and look at the big picture, we can see how there was nothing or no one else to blame but our lack of foresight and judgment when faced with difficult situations that we mismanaged.”

Original and characteristic, ‘The Devil’s Eyes’ is a bright flame that burns slowly with organic continuity, fluttering softly between whispers, a bluesy dark guitar, and a rap-style flow tiptoeing between sober and confused.

‘The Devil’s Eyes’ is available for streaming on Spotify and Soundcloud. Be sure to find out more about Vidal and his music. Find him all over the web by checking the links below:

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Vidal // Prequel - single artwork

Vidal // Prequel

Atmospherically intriguing and enveloping, ‘Prequel’ is a gripping groove number on which the couplets of Vidal’s flow slide freely.