With ‘Prequel’ Vidal struck us and piqued our interest since the first listening, or, to be more precise, since the first note. The track captured all our attention for the simplicity with which it made us instantly enter a relaxed and atmospheric mood. Thanks to the balanced and smart mix, attention rises exactly when Vidal’s rapping arrives. The bouncing rhymes interspersed with more melodic out of tuneverses transport us with fluidity towards a warm and romantically solitary trumpet solo, set in an aura enhanced by the right touch of delay and reverberation.

Simple on the surface, but precious in details and layering, the choice of sounds denotes a refined, at times even sophisticated, taste that never removes the listener from the musical delivery.

Between hip-hop rhythms and old-school R&B harmonies, Vidal’s ‘Prequel’ is undoubtedly one of the most interesting releases in terms of crossover between these two genres. Able to offer a new discovery to every listening, we cannot fail to label it as unmissable.

Vidal - photoshoot

Available on all the main digital stores, we had the opportunity to listen to the track a few days in advance of its official launch on March 31, 2020. However, given the excellent quality level that Vidal brought us with his ‘Prequel’ , we decided to postpone this article for a few days, to include a short interview with the artist.

Vidal - recording
Vidal reading at the mirror

So put ‘Prequel’ on repeat in the background and read on to find out more!

Hi Vidal. Welcome to Nova Music blog and thank you for taking the time to do this short interview.
First of all, do you want to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello, I am an independent artist based out of San Jose, CA. I’ve been playing the guitar for about 10 years now. I listen to every type of music from blues to metal, to hip-hop and like to draw different elements from these styles into my own music.

Tell us about ‘Prequel’, your debut act: what is the song about?

Prequel is an introductory song to the album I am working on. Its a brief introduction of the different elements people can expect in the album, as well as paints a picture for the overall message I am trying to portray through music. That life may have brought us to where we are today by traveling across many winding roads but despite all that it should still not deter us from seeing and going to the places we’ve always dreamed of.

How much of your personal experience have you put into this?

The entire album is based off of personal experience. Prequel only gives a small taste of my overall outlook of being a realist with an optimistic guideline while occasionally succumbing to pessimistic thoughts. The rest of the album is essentially a narrative of the difficult things I’ve had to overcome in life to get to where I am today and the lessons I have learned along the way. Music has always been therapeutic for me and I hope that by sharing my experiences, it will help people understand and overcome the challenges they are facing.

You draw inspiration from Carlos Santana and 50 Cent. How do you manage to find an organic synthesis between these two worlds that seem so far apart?

All genres of music have one common ground and that is that they want to embody a certain emotion and deliver it in a way that makes the listener connect with the feelings portrayed in a song. Emotions are not binary however, when we are faced with a troubling situation, there are a range of emotions that we will feel as we process and come to terms with the reality of it. 

For example, if someone betrayed your trust, at first you will feel vulnerable and hurt, you will think about it and maybe even talk to some people for advice and that sadness can transform to anger.

After letting that anger animate your actions you realize that you are better off without that person and be mostly happy but may still struggle with the void left by the persons absence. Different elements of different music capture these emotions and transitional periods and I let my creativity decide which to pick and chose.

Where on the web can curious fans find out more about you?

They can find out more on Instagram, or Facebook. I love interacting with my supporters and am very active on there so feel free to stop by and say hello!
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vidal.vibes/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vidal.vibes/

Listen now to ‘Prequel’, the debut single of Vidal, available for streaming on:

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