We discovered him thanks to his second single ‘Greenlight’, which landed on Spotify’s editorial playlist, Fresh Finds: Pop – in case you missed it, you can read our previous post here: Victor Perry // Greenlight feat. Levi – while ‘What I Deserve’, Victor Perry’s first single, amassed over 25,000 on the green icon digital platform.

Now, NYC-based singer-songwriter and vocalist Victor Perry is back in the spotlight with the EP ‘Rewind’, a collection of 6 tracks with which this talented artist continues to show off all his ability to sing with a harmonic lyrical phrasing and contemporary crooning.

Ranging from metaphoric calls for love, to poetic searches of self-expression, Victor’s new project has a very personal connotation for him. If on the surface it lets us assume that it has to do with some relationship gone wrong, in truth this is “moreso about the relationship I have with myself and how I allow myself to constantly become wounded without thinking of its repercussions”, as Perry explains.

Thanks to his intriguing voice, full of persuasive and fascinating nuances, and to the organic nature of ‘Rewind’, Perry further raises the styling cue with which he is giving ever greater depth to his artistic caliber.

Although he has already been compared to notable and illustrious names, such as Michael Jackson, just to name the one that sums them all up, here Victor hovers in enlightening freedom, drawing creative and expressive strength from an enveloping and uplifting upward current. One that seems capable of making us fly far beyond the clouds, up to soar above cumulus nimbuses.

The horizon that awaits us beyond this curtain is the sunniest, most spacious panorama we can ever imagine: a scenario radiated by the warmth and divine beauty of Victor’s voice, preciously laid as in the cotton wool of 6 impeccably scored compositions, wrapping of his entire creative vision.

The extended and variegated vocal range, the flexibility with which he even comes to duet with himself, are precious gems, vibrant as well as graceful, that build up dense and airy projections, in which to get lost and find ourselves at every listening.

A delight for even the most refined palate, Victor Perry’s ‘Rewind’ goes far beyond the mere and sterile blazon of pop-soul. This is just the beginning, we are sure, for an artist who in finding his own way is already redefining the genre thanks to the uniqueness of his touch.

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Listen now to ‘Rewind’, the brand-new EP from Victor Perry, available for streaming on Spotify.

Also, you can discover ‘Greenlight’, the lead track from Victor Perry’s EP, on NOVA ERA, our playlist featuring on a weekly rotation all the artists covered by Nova MUSIC blog.

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