VENKMAN capture the utopian / dystopian future we were all promised back in the 80’s with the moody EP ‘+/- Infinity’.

Imaginative work of visionary suggestion, the 5-track ‘+/- Infinity’ EP is a collection of immersive atmospheric tracks that suggest open scenarios on supercity’s skylines, cloaked by acid drizzles and softly tinged with neon lights.

Moved by pulsating beats and synth waves aimed at providing evolutionary developments, the instrumental electronic that permeates ‘+/- Infinity’ composes transparent layers, which fluidly add and subtract subtly from each other.

By fusing stylistic calls that refer to ambient and EDM, with ‘+/- Infinity’ VENKMAN gives us an EP that is a deeply inspiring listening experience, in which to always find something new with each listening.

Listen now to VENKMAN’s EP ‘+/- Infinity’, and find out more about his music, checking the links below:

VENKMAN // +/- INFINITY - cover