Hit the Floor by Van King – artwork

After the debut single Tell Me, talented and promising artist Van King returns to the spotlight with the release of Hit The Floor.

If with the already notable Tell Me, Van King had drawn a clear line from which to expand his musical career, with Hit The Floor he has already surpassed it, giving us a song that perfectly shows off all his abilities.

While showing its clear R&B origins, Hit the Floor introduces various well thought out elements, linked together in an organic way, but each with a precise role and function.

To achieve this kind of production, love, passion and creative intuition are not enough. It is necessary to master a whole series of micro and macro elements, which must be blended together with awareness. And with Hit the Floor Van does this very well.

Take for example the intro. The way the background vocal samples meld and transmogrify into synths in the first verse is a master touch. Another example is the way Van King‘s vocal performance stands out. It is clear and evident, but without excesses, gracefully respecting the perfectly balanced equilibrium of the whole mix. And we could go on and on, highlighting more of this kind of small gems throughout the rest of the song.

But Hit the Floor is not just cold science and sterile technique. In all its entirety this piece creates a visionary sound scenario, sometimes smoky, sometimes heavenly, to then veer, in a delicate and almost imperceptible way, towards a viscerally intimate feeling. Until it leaves you suspended in the outro, in a throbbing trance, which slips away like a fading dream.

Modern in its conception, contemporary in its sound, multi-faceted in its entirety. This is Hit the Floor.

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