Valdimar is an indie rock band established in 2009 as a duo by Valdimar Guðmundsson and Ásgeir Aðalsteinsson, both from Keflavik, Iceland.

Guðlaugur Guðmundsson, Þorvaldur Halldórsson, Kristinn Evertsson and Högni Þorsteinsson gradually joined in to make it a 6-member band. 

The band released their debut album Undraland in 2010. Four singles from the album reached the Top 10, including their biggest hit Yfirgefinn, one of the most played songs of 2011 in Iceland.

In October 2012 they released Um stund, nominated for the album of the year award at the Icelandic Music Awards. The band released their third album titled Batnar útsýnið in October 2014, and the latest one, Sitt sýnist hverjum in, September 2018.

Valdimar performs live show too, most often supported by a small brass section. Check the show section on their website [ here ], they have dozens of events already scheduled over the next few months.

Valdimar‘s music builds up in a natural way, driving the listener from soft and intimate moments, to heart-pounding pinnacles. The sound of their music can be described as an indie mix with electro/ambient/pop/rock influences.

If you’ve never heard the Valdimar sound, listen now to their latest album Sitt Sýnist Hverjum, available in streaming on all digital platforms. Also check BandCamp [ here ] for their releases, available also on CDs and vinyls.