Metro Detroit based artist, music producer, and sound engineer, Tym On released psychedelic hip-hop piece “Dash”, off of his 5-track EP “Safe.”

After graduating from MSU studying Biology, Tym On re-focused his ambitions, on various artistic fields while living for 3 years in Lansing, MI in a screen-printing studio with friends and creative associates, spanning towards the creative acts including screen printing, painting, and music.

With an invigorated passion, finally found in music, Tym On is currently writing his own statement, unfolded along the slopes of Hip-hop hills.

His latest work, the 5-track EP titled “Safe” is guided by a flagship track. We are talking about “Safe”, a song that Tym On has written about his life … up to now.

A psychedelic race, unrolled on rapped rhymes, between the reach of the past, crashed stories, and the longing for heaven, listen now to “Dash” by Tym On, available to stream on Spotify.

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