A sweet and nostalgic moment to think about what is essential: Null, the new single penned by the singer-songwriter Tyler Schultz, from St. Paul, Minnesota, comes with a video made with simple yet evoking images, to frame and standstill that inspiring parenthesis.

A picture made in the form of a song, that has the flavor of the new things mixed with the comfort that we receive from a familiar sound. This is the light, rooted inside the style of Null, the new single from Tyler Schultz, out now on all the major digital platforms.

That drawn by Tyler Schultz is music with a distinguished pictorial style, in which one can recognize elements that take a galore of inspiration from the blood of Nirvana, the atmospheres of Bon Iver, and the vein of Radiohead.

Brewed on the dirge of a personal recipe, these single elements let Schultz concoct an Indie fusion of Folk and Rock, with a touch of Alternative stylism.

That’s the recognizable kernel clustered by the new work penned by the St. Paul-based artist, capable of framing a piece where even fragrant perfumes of new harbor and sprout.

The release of Null is accompanied by an official music video, which embellishes the cocoon conceived and delivered with the song. Available on the Tyler Schultz YouTube channel, the visual has been shot and edited by Lukas Mooney (twitter.com/@lukas_mooney), who has to be credited for the rich images.

Here simple but powerful pictures of nature alternate, coupling the embrace offered by the song. Flowers, plants, clouds, and much more, every frame contributes to conveying the nostalgic yet sweet emotions of a man coping with the loss of his family, now reflecting on the raw and distorted feeling of his present and past life.

Listen now to Null, the latest Single by Tyler Schultz. To know more about the artist and his music, find and follow Tyler Schultz all over the web by checking the links below:

Tyler Schultz // Null - single artwork cover
Tyler Schultz // Null - single artwork cover