Born from the union of the creative talent of Tronix DJ and Uwaukh, “Let It Go” has just been released: a single with a captivating sound that pumps up a dance rhythm, which, with a Hands Up style, ranges between the hard dance and dancecore subgenres.

The collaboration between these two artists who have been friends for a long time, has given life to a song characterized by a solid and engaging musical delivery, so much so as to push Tronix DJ and Uwaukh to make it the title track of an album.

Released on November 8th under the Hands Up Freaks Records label, the album consists of 6 tracks: the original mix of “Let It Go” and an extended version of it, plus two remixes of both the the original and extended versions of the song, created by Grand K. and Summertunez.

While the two remixes by Grand K. and Summertunez capture and enhance different veins of the song, choosing its hard trance ones in the case of Grand K. and its old school dance vibes in the case of Summertunez, the original mix sounds powerful and vibrant.

Much more than a simple, pounding rhythm, “Let It Go” is a feverish adrenaline rush. The musical motif of the introduction is enhanced by the energizing reprise that follows, building up an infectious listening experience from the very first go.

Let it Go” will be included in the popular Technobase FM compilation series, a collection of 3 CDs for a total of 75 hands up and happy hardcore music. The compilation will be available in stores and online on 6 December 2019.

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Tronix DJ & Uwaukh // "Let It Go" - cover
Tronix DJ & Uwaukh // “Let It Go” – cover

Listen to “Let It Go” from Tronix DJ & Uwaukh, available on Spotify [ here ], Beatport [ here ] and Apple Music [ here ].