Made entirely during the period when Tripple’s mother was suffering from cancer, up until two weeks after her death, this is a very special album.

Although the theme of the album is obviously influenced by the drama of such a touching event, “Young n’ Feelin Old” is not a sad album in its general sense.

Tripple D // Young n' Feelin Old - artwork
Tripple D // Young n' Feelin Old - artwork

The twenty-four tracks that compose it, for an hour and a half of listening, are rather the chronicle of the ups and downs alternating in the emotional whirlwind  generated when we live the last moments of one of the most important people of our life.

Tripple D
Tripple D

“Young n’ Feelin Old” is a genuine slice of life, deep and permeating, which conveys with admirable effectiveness the multitude of feelings and sensations ranging from resignation, to anger, to maternal love.

But what Tripple managed to do with this album goes even further. The narrative perspective embraced by the album manages to emerge and escape from the shell of negativity of such an important loss. As Tripple himself explained to us, his mother fueled his creative drive, pushing him to create his music, both before and during her illness.

“Young n’ Feelin Old” is a splendid work. Boxing it in a single genre would be at least reductive, if not stupid. This is an album to contemplate, with a breadth and depth of content, meanings and values, which seems to be boundless.

One of the most touching albums we’ve heard in 2019. An album to listen to many times for sure, to capture every time a bit more of all its magnificent essence.

Immerse yourself in the touching narrative of Tripple D and listen now to “Young n’ Feelin Old“, which is available on Spotify [ here ].
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