Returning in some ways to his ‘Origins’, the new work of the talented Jansen represents a further evolution of his characteristic sound, richly decorated and dropped into a brilliantly saturated spectrum of effective hooks. Injecting new lifeblood, with this new production Treasure is giving new life to songs that have been lying in wait since 2013, when some were written for the first time.

Combining his inevitable guitars with piano and various samples, in ‘Origins’ the rousing percussions and the pedal of the bass line are a driving fire that moves forward the whole track, while the voices cloaked in haze effects add the right atmospheric touch to an energetic, fresh and contemporary song.

Jansen’s bold new single, which follows his previous releases ‘Patterns’ and ‘Idle Thoughts’, represents what is probably the most mature and incisive performance to date by the Seattle artist. The merit of this also goes to the mixing signed by Yuuki Matthews, who in the past has worked with the likes of The Shins, Crystal Skulls and David Bazan.

Treasure Jansen is the kind of versatile artist you’ll want to keep on your radar as we all wait for the release of his next EP ‘Echoes of Light’.

Listen now to ‘Origins’, the new single by Treasure Jansen, available for streaming on Spotify.

Treasure Jansen // Origins - artwork
Treasure Jansen // Origins - artwork

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