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“Traffic” is the less-than-a-minute indie rock anthem about how much MC Zachary Campos despises traffic.

“I have to drive on the highway pretty much every day to get to my gigs. I see the worst drivers cutting people off left and right. I thought it would be awesome to write a song about my frustration with driving on the highway and with other drivers.”

This is how MC Zachary Campos, singer, and songwriter from San Jose, introduces us to the creative spark that led him to write “Traffic.”

“The one good thing about being stuck in traffic for me is
listening to music, which is mentioned in the song,” – he says; then Zachary continues – “A big spark of inspiration for this song came from James Taylor’s song “Traffic Jam” off of his 1977 JT album.”

“Traffic” is taken from Campos’ recent album “Funky MC,” a 10-track collection in which the artist combines 2000s indie rock, ’80s old-school hip-hop, and classic punk rock from the 70’s.

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