Fighting the demon of alcoholism, songwriter Tommy Botz inspires change through the power of the words and melodies of his uplifting country single ‘Maggie’ and the 6-tracks EP ‘Family and Friends’.

With a decade-long battle against alcoholism behind him, Tommy is now far from a dark path of incarceration and homelessness that featured broken marriages, lost jobs, no car and no license, where living to drink and drinking to live had become his routine.

Now sober for over 16 years, Tommy Botz is a rising star who has accomplished his lifelong dream of professionally recording his music. Taken from the 6-tracks EP ‘Family and Friends’, ‘Maggie’ is only one of the over 200 songs that country songwriter Tommy Botz has written over the years.

Dense and emotional, ‘Maggie’ is just a tiny morsel of what Tommy gives us with the ‘Family and Friend’ EP. Both a cautionary tale and an uplifting journey of redemption, his wide-ranging music is deeply inspired by the life experiences and vicissitudes that have become the source of a powerful light stirring a change even in the darkest lives.

Listen now to ‘Maggie’ and ‘Family and Friend’, available for streaming on Tommy Botz website.

Tommy Botz // Family and Friends - EP cover
Tommy Botz // Family and Friends - EP cover