Korean songwriter and musician Jae Hyung Park, better known under the stage name of Tom Park, makes his debut on the international stage with his double version single titled ‘Tonight’, a fresh and sunny modern pop rock ballad.

Driven by rhythmic guitars that drop into an atmosphere of reverberant acoustic taste, the track Park has created is a perfect exercise in soft and caressing style, with the right amount of rhythm at the base. Through catchy melodies and airy, edifying harmonies, ‘Tonight’ is a great debut for this artist, who is able to deliver a genuine and enthralling vocal performance.

Touched by a radiant luminosity, the sounds that Tom proposes with his ‘Tonight’ somehow refer to the key elements of that world pop music typical of the artists that inspired Park himself, such as U2, Sting and Coldplay.

Composed and produced entirely by Tom Park and made available in two versions, one with lyrics in Korean and one with lyrics in English, the song sees the participation of talented artists such as Jeon Hong Jun, producer for the Korean band Brown Eyed Soul, and the American musician JL, who performs on guitars and vocals.

While the Korean version is a more energizing and rhythmic number, the English version is a tender acoustic caress, with its almost-whispered lead vocal gently resting on the rhythmic carpet of acoustic guitars that intersperses compelling riffs with soothing arpeggios.

Notable from the point of view of the quality of the production, ‘Tonight’ is a song inside whose embrace you’ll find yourself naturally enveloped, and whose musical message arrives in a direct and genuine way, even in its emotional peaks, that nonetheless never upset the delicate and introspective atmosphere of the entire composition.

Passionate and touching, Tom’s music style is the perfect underlining for the sense of yearning around which the song is built, for the prayer and wish to close the distance with the object of one’s love, for the  act of imagining how the confession of love will go.

Tom Park - Tonight // single cover
Tom Park - Tonight // single cover

Overall, ‘Tonight’ is the an organic, coherent and exquisite debut single that, we are sure, will allow Tom Park to get in touch with new fans all over the world.

Listen now to ‘Tonight’, Tom Park’s debut single, available on Youtube [ here ] and Soundcloud [ here ].

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