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Like a wonderful rainbow, with “Reflectings Acustico” Todd Underwood traces a creative parabola with which he embraces and emphasizes the steps he has taken to build his musical career in these past years.

With extreme talent and skills at his disposal, Todd Underwood is a multi-instrumentalist that has vast expertise in guitar, bass and vocals. Recording engineer, mix and master engineer, as well as active producer, Todd has released fifteen albums to date, many with bands he has collaborated with.

Member of countless bands, he played with the bass player from Sly and Family Stone and shared the stage with Mark Farner of the Grand Funk Railroad. In 1988 he answered an ad in the San Diego Reader and thus won a spot for music for a BMX video. From there, Todd wrote theme songs for commercials and TV series, many of which can still be heard today.

In 2017 he began to publish music under his name. His first release, “Unfortunate Day”, is the culmination of many years of songs recorded from 2001 onwards, which had not been used in other projects, and which resided on a hard drive, with the expectation of a future release.

With his follow-up “When I Took My Watch Off“, Underwood addressed issues and problems of life, such as aging and the emotional dynamics of children who become grown-up adults. The title track in particular is a tribute to Todd’s father, a song meant to highlight his very personal emotional journey. “Color and Contrast“, his third release, dealt with empathy, regret, hope and, more generally, spiritual challenge. Last but not least comes “Reflectings Acustico“. For this album, Underwood has chosen to do something different from his usual material, where rock, punk and metal collide and mingle.

It is in fact a completely organic acoustic release, in which, as Todd himself explains, “everything is real and hand played, without any copy and paste in the recording process. This made me really focus on the songwriting, playing, singing, harmonizing, and the lyrics.

The album is nautically themed and the lyrics concentrate on relationships,” continues Todd, “and I let the lyrics take me where they wanted to go, in some cases a song took on a completely different meaning.

With its 11 tracks, “Reflectings Acustico” is a deeply vibrant and at the same time gently delicate listening experience, which offers us harmonic and melodic developments that are refined in their construction and purposeful deconstruction.

The heterogeneous richness offered by percussion instruments is no less important, and Todd confirms he dedicated a long time searching for these instruments, carefully selecting each of them from various parts of the country for use in this album.

With the sum of all these peculiar factors, in “Reflectings Acustico” Underwood sets up a kaleidoscopic opus, in which the nuances of all his creativity blend harmoniously, giving us a splendidly exquisite album. A perfect setting in which Todd shows and highlights his artistic depth in its entirety.

Join Todd Underwood along his musical journey. Listen now to his latest album, “Reflectings Acustico“, available on:

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Todd Underwood // "Reflectings Acustico" - album artwork
Todd Underwood // "Reflectings Acustico" - album artwork

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