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Emerging from under a blanket of slush that would have crushed many others, UK-based artist Jorda Peck is back in style with a compelling video sporting his affable freestyle, here chiseled to the tune of “Clima no ar” by Jeovany Bravo.

Born in July 1995, Jordan Peck is a rapper and producer known under the stage name of TINY K. Based in Ashford, Kent (UK), K has already made a name for himself in the past years by finding roots in the Grime UK scene.

An affable solo act, capable of amassing a total of 2 million views on his videos, TINY K has seen some of his work featured in adverts for McDonald’s and appeared on LADbible.

He has also worked alongside BBC1xtra – Charlie Sloth, he’s been featured in Charlie’s YouTube rap series “Fire in the streets,” and he shared stages at events with some of the UK’s most prominent names: FREDO, BIG NARSTIE, SNEAKBO, DEVLIN, BUGZY MALONE, CHIP, STORMZY, SCORCHER, SIGMA, GIGGS, GHETTS, YUNGEN … the list is full of aces.

And if this is not enough to give a good idea of ​​the thickness of this signature, it is worth further back in time, up to the debut of TINY K, when at 19 he opened the London O2 Arena for the Jasonic Snoop Dogg.

Of course, that wasn’t the only noteworthy occasion on which Peck hit the stage. In fact, K has performed at various festivals and venues around the world. Another list is a must here too: South beats Festival, Reading Festival, Blove Festival, Roundhouse London, and The Gallery Additionally are among the most renowned ones to mention.

K’s Golden Section closes with some awards he has won for his craft and various mentions in notable publications, including BBC, The Guardian, Apple, Reuters, and Spotify.

But what has hooked us about TINY K are not only his lights but also his more recent shadows. In fact, what Peck has shrugged off is a mass of heavy, pitch-black mud.

Within about two weeks, he lost his home, relationship, job, and therefore his mental health, dragging him into a suffocating abyss capable of silencing his passion for music.

Long story short, fortunately, this story ends in a happy ending, but that’s not an ending. Indeed, Jordan managed to win his battle, he came out of that quicksand, and now he’s back more biting and stronger than before.

If you watch his video “The Conclusion,” it might seem like it was like a picnic. Drop by the barbershop for a quick haircut, and you go! But in reality, his freestyle is steeped in the burdens dictated by his trip, battling against his mental health, hanging on the last glimpses of absoluteness and relativity, made almost indistinguishable under the mass of mud that was engulfing him.

So while “The Conclusion” marks the end of a leaden chapter for Jordan, we can already see the beginning of a new era for TINY K. And we are sure, as soon as he is ready to drop something completely original, it will work like a cannon loaded with fireworks.

Watch now "The Conclusion," the latest music video by Tiny K. Recorded by John Show Nmi at Sp studios London and filmed by Jimmy Chiba for Chiba Visuals at HD Barbers (Ashford, Kent - UK), you can find "The Conclusion" on the TINY K YouTube channel.

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