Tigerpunsh - portrait

Connecting initially over Instagram in 2018 sharing a mutual love for music technology, the following year these girls started to work together for an unnamed pop star, playing session drums and synths.

After a big feud between the artist and some other band members, Vee and Rochelle found themselves alone in the rehearsal room, with a huge stack of synths and electronic drums running through a huge sound system. Determined to not waste their time, they stayed and jammed out, bringing to life their brand-new artistic outfit. Tigerpunsh was born.

And this is the not-too-fictional story of how today these two talented girls bring us a compelling release, debuting with their self-title EP ‘Tigerpunsh’ and making their start a promising one, since they are already signed with the new BMG label Tubesounds.

Tigerpunsh - EP cover

Moved by a bursting and captivating energy, ‘Tigerpunsh’ stands out for the many gems offered by the 7 tracks that make it up. Among these, the two songs ‘Shade’ and ‘Friend’ undoubtedly emerge. Powerful and charismatic, here we find, in all its fullness, the caliber and depth of what Rochelle and Vee are capable of. With an evolved and sophisticated sound that is nothing like that of a debut, Tigerpunsh amaze us with a charming aura, immersing us in magnetically irresistible and dynamically expressive atmospheres, concocting a musical delivery full of subtleties that sounds like the voice of tomorrow.

Two magical tracks, for two artists of splendid witchcraft.

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