Recently announced by Gaimchng3r Entertrainment, ‘#Realtalk’ is the brand-new R&B soul number of Tiffani Lewis, thanks to which this California-based artist showcases all of her talent.

Going to impact on the music scene and growing up creating a buzz around her artist profile, the talented songstress Tiffani Lewis is moving forward bringing a fresh and compelling number, driven by her beautiful voice and thought-provoking lyrics.

Already acclaimed as “New Princess of the music world”, this R&B diva seems truly destined to rise more and more, as she aims to become a favorite of the music lovers across the globe.

Rooted in the most permeating vibrations of soul and R&B music, with ‘#Realtalk’ Tiffani brings a breath of freshness to the music scene, especially in that of these two musical genres, often crowded with bland and faded carbon-copy releases. Thanks to her unique and distinguishing touch, she introduces an exquisite freshness infused in a contemporary sound, that gives color and involvement to the whole musical delivery.

The release of ‘#Realtalk’ is accompanied by a lyric video and an official video, both available on Gaimchng3r Entertrainment’s Youtube channel. Here Tiffani highlights all her magnetic charm as an entertainer, singer and dancer, capable of capturing all the attention of the viewer in a compelling display of rhythm and charisma that feels energetic and dynamic.

Distinguished by impeccable production quality, ‘#Realtalk’ sounds as the perfect entry point for the full-bodied album ‘# (Hashtag)’, a collection of 14 tracks with which Tiffani takes us along a rundown of the most relevant hashtags for her inspired moment.

And if with the single ‘#Realtalk’ Tiffani elevates and makes shine her rising star, it is precisely with the album ‘#’ that she articulates and deepens with organic style her whole creative world. Here, it is really hard to find a gem, because all the songs are gems, each and every track sounding like a full-bodied and self-sufficient lead-single.

To get an idea of what we are talking about, just have a listen of the title track ‘#Hashtag’, for example. And if this wasn’t enough to appreciate the caliber of this artist, here comes the second track, ‘#Pain’, with its soulful shuffle with a sweet and sour taste.

The vibrations silhouetted by Lewis intertwine and circulate up to the bouncing ninth track, ‘#Beyofreak’, followed by the danceable and Latinized ‘#LOCOPORELDINERO’, to then surprise us with the passionate and soft introspection of ‘#SELF’.

Overall, a very rich and diversified album, which allows Tiffani to show off her talent in all its width, undoubtedly capable of giving something new with every listening.

Listen now to ‘#’ and ‘#Realtalk’ from Tiffani Lewis, and find out more about Tiffani and her music, checking the links below:

Tiffani Lewis // #Realtalk - single cover
Tiffani Lewis // #Realtalk - single cover