A contemporary romance of epic poetry rendered in the form of instrumental music that excites the heart, soul and mind; this is the latest work woven by the master of compositional art Thomas Hewitt Jones, who here once again proves his craftsmanship.

Thomas Hewitt Jones // Song Without Words - single cover

Weaving strings in the background move along with plucked arpeggios, rising up in an incredible crescendo of masterly musicianship, which unexpectedly elevates us, making us perform a suspended flicker that has uplifting transport and a splendidly evocative propulsive force.

With its 2.23 minutes  of length, and a graceful and elusive musical argument, ‘Song Without Words’ comes and goes in a flash, bringing us an expressive theme of wide and deep perspective.

Like a breath of wind, it arrives thin, it builds up in a moment, ruffling the leaves, then dissipates languidly, leaving us fascinated, in love with its melody.

A masterful cameo of musical art.

Listen now to ‘Song Without Words’ and find out more about Thomas Hewitt Jones’ music, checking the links below: