TheWolfPrinceKane, an electronic artist from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, explores the depths of EDM with his new single “It Never Ends“. With an interesting twist on the genre, he puts together a concoction in which he incorporates soft emo vibrations and an electronic energetic vein.

It Never Ends” stands out for its strong personal touch, which undoubtedly allows TheWolfPrinceKane to attract listeners’ attention and significantly mark a point in the development and growth of his creative vision.

The single has a contemporary and sophisticated production, with a deep and distinctive mix, characterized by a warm range, refined samples, ambient sounds, glitches and soft harmonies.

Without the need to overdo or hurry, as the song goes on, it sets up evocative, refreshing as well as uplifting atmospheres, in contrast with its theme, focused on poverty.

Small subtleties, tricks and sound nuggets that together are able to interconnect the listener with a listening experience that manage to be most significant when acting on their subconscious.

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