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An infusion of nostalgic Pop

styled in a modern electronic vibe

Bright and addictive, Swedish-Lebanese singer-songwriter Therése Neaimé has recently released her latest single, “Live Again.”

A captivating number with which Therése sports her artist versatility, “Live Again” is a pop(ing) danceable tune, driven by a grooving and uplifting delivery.

Here Neaimé sparks and shine twinkling her bell, refactoring an infusion of nostalgic Pop into a modern and engaging production.

Thanks to his emotion-filled voice and an atmospheric arrangement “Live Again” brings to the fore a magnetic light that captures you from the first listen, the relatability of lyricism and narration play like a formidable hook to return to, back and forth, over and over.

Out on January 27th, the release of “Live Again” by Therése Neaimé is accompanied by a music video.
Check it out on the Therése Neaimé YouTube channel.

A mesmeric arsenal of innate talent, nestled in a high-quality production and which shines here like few others, that of Therése Neaimé is an act that reveals how she is an artist who still so much to offer, to tell, to sing, to show.

Needles to say, we can’t wait to savor the fragrances of her next prominent impact!

Listen now to "Live Again," the latest Single by Therése Neaimé, available in streaming on Spotify.

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