With an avant-garde artistic vision and a contemporary sound, “No Casanova” by TheRedSafari pursues the new wave of melodic rap.

TheRedSafari is an emerging artist whose influences come from the Seattle and San Francisco music scenes. Of Bengali origins, TheRedSafari combines melodic harmonies with unique deliveries in his rap and hip-hop music, which aim to ride rhythms and create penetrating emotions.

Letting himself be inspired by life events, with his freestyle he brings a melodic rap into each of his songs, a sort of new wave that TheRedSafari wants to feed and drive with his debut single “No Casanova“.

With this avant-garde artistic vision and a contemporary sound, TheRedSafari pursues the new wave of melodic rap. As he says: “I feel like I’m paving a way for other artists to display their backgrounds in the hip hop scene today.”

Listen now to “No Casanoa“, TheRedSafari‘s debut single, available on:

To get in touch with TheRedSafari follow him on:

TheRedSafari // "No Casanova" - single cover
TheRedSafari // "No Casanova" - single cover
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