Indie Rock duo The Sunset Kings is back with a dreamy song, perfect for road trips and psychedelic night: “Blue Dream,” the track featured in their new album “Shadow in Technicolor.”

The Sunset Kings is an indie rock group with a particular story, which is reflected in their works. They have been active since 2021 when they released their first album, “The Ballad of Bella Fury.”

Since then, a lot of things have changed. The passing of their bassist Shag caused a chain reaction that brought the band itself dissolving. Now, the project is still alive thanks to the vocalist Star and the saxophonist Neumi, who just released their album called “Shadow Work in Technicolor.”

The band’s story is fundamental to understand their work, especially the atmosphere that we can perceive in their songs. “Blue Dream” is a track tied to the first years of the band, binding to those alcohol-drive nights one could spend together with a group of friends experimenting with music.

And “Blue Dream” sounds like a successful experiment that brings together aesthetic elements of jazz, pop, soul, prog, and psychedelia, giving them their own flow.

All these components create a personal music blend that results in a perfect tune to listen to while driving, maybe while undertaking a cross-country road trip like the ones that brought together the band’s original formation.

The grounding bass line is the protagonist, together with the voice, that sometimes seems to go for its own path, giving the tune that dazed ambiance perfect for the listener probing for a different, non-canonical approach to the indie-rock music.

Listen now to "Blue Dream," the track from The Sunset Kings' latest album "Shadow Work in Technicolor," available to stream on Spotify.

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